Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend > Lost

It's Friday, and for pretty much everyone I know, this week has been nuts. But it's almost over, and to celebrate the weekend and the ever-so-close Season 6 premiere, I wanted to share some more fun tidbits to help close out the day.

First up is a cool "24" style recount of the original plane crash, with all the different perspectives shown throughout the series strung together in one continuous scene. Neat.

Next up is a pretty hilarious "summary" of the series, as played out by a fan's large, extended Italian family. I think the Locke character is my favorite, although Ben offers a pretty solid performance as well...

Finally, a buddy passed along quite an interesting tidbit to me this morning. Follow the instructions below and see what you find out!

Go to
Click "flights" on the left
select "One-Way"
Go from "SYD" to "LAX"
For depart date enter 9/22/2010 anytime
Check "Prefer Nonstop"
Click search, and then scroll to the last result

Alright folks, have a great weekend and enjoy Tuesday...the long wait is almost over!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hey everyone! So after 8 long months we are finally within reach of the premiere of Season 6. As you can imagine, there has been an abundance of chatter, theories, and DVD bonus fueled Lost excitement (they even added virtual "Lost University" classes that you can actually enroll in on the Season 5 DVD) generated over the break. But since I'm a little too lazy to dig all that up, I thought I'd add just a few of the more fun tidbits below to whet our appetite over the next week.

Enjoy, and also feel free to follow me on Twitter (link to the right), as this year I have some socially fueled ideas that could make live viewing a bit more fun and interactive. I'll be sure to follow back so that we can be connected.

First off is a pretty hilarious Onion spoof of how annoying all of us are going to be to our non-Lost fans over the final season...this has made the round for sure, but if you haven't seen it, check it out.

Next is one of the more discussed Season 6 promotional photos...the significance being a little more pronounced than normal, I'd say...

And here's a different version of the pic with a bit more gossipy touch....

Finally, be aware that for some lucky (and seriously devoted) fans, the premiere is being screened on Waikiki Beach on Oahu on January be sure to be sensitive to your social outlets and whatnot to stay away from any spoilers. It's sad that even a two day head start could cause widespread plot leaks, but you know it'll happen.

I'll try and post some more info as the week rolls on, but until then have great week and get ready for the first ep of Season 6, accurately dubbed "The Beginning of the End," on Tuesday February 2nd!