Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let the Countdown Begin...

So we are officially almost there...we've had to sit through nearly 8 months of mostly mundane TV (thanks a lot Writer's Strike), but in two days appointment television returns with the two hour season 4 premiere of Lost.

So, seeing that it's been so long (can you believe that 8 months ago the world didn't know what an "iPhone" was? How did we get ever get by???), I figured I'd relay some links to clear up the cobwebs and help jog your Lost memory.

First off, you can always peruse this wonderful site and review the recaps from each episode of season 3. Next, I recommend checking out the entire series recap in this cleverly edited piece that the Lost folks created to try and bring newbies up to date on the show (second video from the left on the scroll). It's only 8 minutes and 15 seconds long (get it?), and it wryly summarizes everything that has happened to our favorite Losties from season 1 through to season 4. It's good. And funny. Watch it.

Yet another pre-gaming activity for you drink up is to check out the Lost: Missing Pieces shorts that the producers have created in the off season. Scroll down the next post for those details and links.

Finally, I suggest curling up on the couch tomorrow night to watch an encore showing of last year's finale ("Through the Looking Glass") on abc at 9pm. Consider it a nice appetizer to Thursday's premiere. And it's not like anything else good is on anyways (unless you were looking forward to watching the premiere of Fox's new, Satan produced, reality series "Moment of Truth" tomorrow night; and if you were, I don't think we're friends anymore.) And if you want to watch any full show from the past three seasons, head over to abc.com to stream any and all in pristine HD.

So enjoy the new season...we only get 8 episodes (again, thank you Writer's Strike), but hopefully we're in for a treat. And remember, new time and day: Thursday at 9pm. Enjoy!