Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lost: Missing Pieces

Hey folks! Not sure if I'm a little behind on the news, but I've just read that Lost will be running webisodes over the next few months showing "13 two- to three-minute stories of compelling, new, never-before-seen moments" from the last 3 seasons of LOST. I've checked out the first two, and while they're certainly not the jaw dropping scenes that we've come to love, they may help tide you over until the new season starts in February. Read for full details below:

Lost: Missing Pieces are 13 two- to three-minute stories of compelling, new, never-before-seen moments from the hit television show LOST. These newly-created scenes (not deleted scenes from previous episodes) reveal answers and new details about your favorite characters. For each story, we leave it up to the fans to figure out where these pieces fit into the overall mythology. The new stories are from the same creative team responsible for the series and feature the show's main actors in stories that have all the compelling values that make LOST one of the most popular dramas on television around the world.

In other news, if you haven't heard already, the new season is unfortunately now pegged to end at 8 episodes instead of the initially scheduled 16 due to this pesky strike. Of course, this may change if the two sides can resolve the strike soon, but the chances of that happening look slim. But believe it or not, the decision to show 8 episodes was the lesser of two evils: the other option was to scrap 2008 all together and come back in 2009. So in true Turkey Day fashion, let's be thankful for what we got!

Happy Holidays everyone...and see you in February!

Missing Pieces Webisodes