Thursday, November 23, 2006

LOST Moments: 2007 Preview #2

Thursday, November 16, 2006

LOST Moments: 2007 Preview #1

Enjoy the first "Lost Moment" that aired during Daybreak this week. If you happened to miss Daybreak, don't worry, I think they repeat it next week...or maybe it's just a new episode of the same day.......poor Taye Diggs.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Season 3 Episode 6: "I Do"

Well I hoped you all enjoyed it, because we will be Lost free for the next 13 weeks. I liked last night's episode, but thought that maybe there would be more of a cliffhanger than what happened (did anyone else kinda want Sawyer to get popped? Now that would have been intense). Furthermore, there wasn't a whole lot going on last night in terms of new learnings, but let's work with what we got. Not too much went down in the first half of the episode, so let's move right to the juicy parts.

We've run into a "who's conning who" scenario lately and it will be interesting to see how it pans out next year. But for now we don't know who to trust. Ben's initial plan to break Jack went down the tubes after Jack saw his X-Ray, and it's been a game of cat and mouse ever since. Last night Ben brings in Kate to try and talk some sense into Jack but obviously that encounter did not work according to plan. But then Ben and Co. lucked out when Kate esacped and crawled over to Sawyers cage for some long overdue sexy time*. Thinking they once again had the advantage, Ben lured Jack out to the monitors so that he could see that the only worthwhile person on the island for him was bangin' the bad boy so he predictably made the deal with Ben to proceed with the surgery and get the hell outta there. But we now know that Jack was a step ahead of Ben in this case, and took back all the leverage by committig medical malpractice and giving him an hour to live unless Kate and Sawyer were released. Jack, always the good guy, the hero. Little does he know that Kate and Sawyer have no where to run (or do they?). Meanwhile Juliette obviously doesn't want Ben to live so who knows if this threat means anything. And how many others are on her side, anyways?

For us, the most important piece of information to come from this scene was (another) new name/character. Frustrated with the fact that Ben agreed to go under Jack's knife, Pickett utters "I can't believe he turned over his life to one of them. Shephard (Jack) wasn't even on Jacob's list." So who's this Jacob fellow? The eye patch dude? The "Him" that Ben refers to while in captivity in the Hatch? Another undercover other on the beach (Paulo?)? As you can imagine there are already quite a few theories out there - including a number of biblical references - but don't worry, I'm not going to get into any at this point. But it's clear that this will be a theme for the second half of the season.

Alex returned to the party last night, equipped with a Simpsons approved slingshot that would certainly raise a welt, but may not be a good match against a number of semi-automatic weapons aimed at her head. She again warns Kate and Sawyer about the Others (duh), and leads us to believe that they've killed her boyfriend Carl (the dude that temporarily escaped the cage in episode 1). Curiously, Ben finds out about this infiltration and asks Juliette if Alex asked about him. I may be reading too much into this, but it would not surprise me if it turned out that Ben and Juliette essentially raised Alex as their daughter, and that they have now had some sort of falling out. We know that Alex is the biological daughter of Rousseau, but she was stolen from her at such an early age that Alex wouldn't know the difference. But what's she so angry about?

Now let's talk about Locke, Mr. Eko (RIP), and the Jesus Stick. While saying goodbye to Mr. Eko, Locke notices a specific message on Eko's stick, "Lift up and look your eyes North. John 3:06." Upon further investigation, that passage is not from the Book of John, 3:06, but instead was from Genesis 13:14 (which can be seen to the left of the passage). So the message really reads, "lift up and look your eyes North, John." Now that Locke is back on the fate/destiny bandwagon, he thinks Eko died for a reason, and in his eyes, it was to communicate this message to him. We should expect John to try and find the highest point on the island and look North, which should lead to the discovery of the second island. Rescue party here we come.

Finally, here's some easter eggs:
Kate's tickets to her honeymoon in Costa Rica...Oceanic Air.

Kate's home pregnancy test - Widmore Labs - the same brand that Sun used on the island (inset)

So that's about it. A quick FYI, ABC will be running what they are calling Lost "Nuggets" every week until the 2/7/07 spring premiere. The nuggets will be :30 promos cluing us in to what we might expect for the next mini season. However, they will be running only in the new show Daybreak that will be filling Lost's Wed, 9pm time slot. So that none of you have to actually watch this trainwreck of a show, I will be posting the nuggets here when they eventually show up on YouTube or after Daybreak is inevitably cancelled. So check back if your bored. Till then, have a happy Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, New Years, and see you in 2007!

*and if you haven't already, go see Borat

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Season 3 Episode 5: "The Cost of Living"

Best episode of the season last night. Very sorry to see one of the strongest characters fall, but I guess you have to take the good with the bad. Plus knowing this show, I'm sure that won't be the last time we see Mr. Eko.

Let's start with something I noticed in the opening scene last night. As I've mentioned here before, a handful of episodes have begun with a singular eye opening (every season premiere including the pilot, in fact). Well, last night we close in on Mr. Eko's eye to start the show, but alas, it remains shut. I simply thought this was an excellent use of foreshadowing and symbolism. Shit like that reminds me how well written this show is. But anyways, on to the meat...

Let's get right to the point and talk about the black smoke (i.e. "smokie" or "smokebot" as some of the internet folks have dubbed it). Thankfully this is not a gimmick that was going to be ignored. Instead, it seems to be way more important than we originally thought. Last night's episode let us in on a huge secret: the smoke can manifest itself into different people and/or creatures. This certainly isn't an absolute statement (and little is when dealing with this show), but it seems to explain MANY supernatural-esque scenarios on the Island.

First off, it's evident that the Yemi was indeed the smoke. This becomes clear when he states, "You talk to me as if I'm your Brother" to Mr. Eko. It then makes sense to hypothesize that the gang member/alter boy hallucination that Mr. Eko sees in the jungle was also and incarnation of the smoke. But to further pad this theory, let's look at some other scenarios in the past few years that had always seemed confusing and out of place: Kate's mysterious Black Horse, Sawyer's odd hog, Shannon's Walt hallucinations, Jack's Dad (also missing in the coffin, just like Yemi's missing body), Hurley's strange friend "Dave," and even that weird taratacdile bird that Hurley saw in the jungle. And how about this one: Vincent. A popular theory out there right now is that the smoke has been watching our losties through the eyes of Vincent since the very beginning. The producers have long said that everyone has been missing something big from the first episode. Well, the first scene in the first episode is Jack's eye opening, and the first thing he sees in the jungle is Vincent. And later in that episode we see Vincent in the bushes following Jack and Kate to the site of the cockpit and doomed pilot. Immediately thereafter, they are chased away by the "dinosaur," which we now know was most likely another form of our friend smokie. But I guess the question is: what is its purpose?

There are simply too many open ended theories at this point. The whole good verse evil idea certainly holds water. Mr. Eko refused to confess his sins and was dealt with accordingly. (And by the way, the alter boy said "confess" to Mr. Eko - interesting that the creature seemed to be giving Eko a chance to confess his sins and be saved). At the same time, Locke notes that in his visions he instead sees a bright light after his encounter with the smoke..."I've seen the eye of the island, and it is beautiful." Locke is good, therefore he is spared. There could be religious overtones - meaning that the black smoke is the devil and the bright light is heaven/God. In this vein, it's interesting to note that when the smoke tossed Eko like a ragdoll that it did so in the sign of the cross. Similarly, when dead bodies go missing it's hard to not think of the whole "risen from the dead" Jesus thing. Just another path to think about.

More simply, it could be the Island's defense system. On the blast door map that Locke found last season, the phrase "site of Cerberus activity" was seen on their as a defense system (Cerberus is a three headed dog that protects the gates of Hades...hmmmm...a dog). It is possible that the smoke and Cerberus are on in the same? But what is it defending it from? Obviously not everyone, cause then everyone would be dead. Maybe it defends the evil from the good. This would tie the device to the others' philosophy. But I'm not entirely convinced that the others are responsible for smokie/Cerberus.

There are a lot of theories on this as you can imagine but so not to make this too long, I'm stopping here and moving on to other aspects of the episode...please feel free to add your own below.

To move over to Jack's story, who knows who to believe here. No doubt he has a decision to make. What if he goes through with killing Henry only to see that Juliet's been conning him the whole time? OR, this whole thing could be orchestrated and just another way to screw with Jack. You can't trust these people. But as of right now we are to understand that Henry is in a bit of trouble. And I thought the Juliete/Jack scene was very clever and well done.

The new characters: I know, they're terrible. (you're telling me that Sayid and Locke didn't figure out that the other TV's were for monitoring? Seriously? Please.)

Eye Patch dude: I guess we'll have to wait on this one...but there is a chance that he is Razinsky - who is the guy that Kelvin was in the hatch with (and started the blast door map). Now, according to Kelvin this guy blew his head off with a shotgun, but we all know that means nothing after two and a half seasons of watching this show. I haven't seen a body, have you?

All in all a fun episode last night. Looks like a good one next week. Keep in mind that it's the last episode until February (!!!). They're even dubbing it the "Fall Season Finale" which is a tad ridiculous. But be sure that there will be a huge cliffhanger, and most likely many more questions. Until then!